Hold your breath

Everyone, hold your breath. Don’t breath out you CO2 emitter. We may as well go to such measures for all the good the solutions environmentalists propose.

Reuters writer, Alister Doyle, laments global warming in his article. He admits the Kyoto treaty would not do anything significant. He seems to think we need to go with an aggressive solution that could cost up to $18,000,000,000,000,000. That is 18 quadrillion. Supposedly, that will only take 4.5 percent of the worldwide GDP. He doesn’t say that the U.S. will surely bear the brunt of that.

So lets look at “dangerous” gases for a minute. The EPA says that electrical utilities emit 14 million tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per year. That sounds bad.

Then I found out that Mt. Pinatubo volcano injected 17 megatons of SO2 into that atmosphere in one day. That is only one day of one eruption.

We can stop all emissions tomorrow and not come close to what a single volcano would emit in one day. It would be taking a thimble of water out of a lake and expecting a drop in the water level. Yet environmentalists insist that we need to stop driving our cars.