How to kill job creation – 101

John Kerry is on the stump trying to tell people how he will protect jobs. Here is his solution:

“…he would order a 120-day review of all trade pacts. He laid out specific guidelines for companies wanting to send jobs overseas, including at least three months’ advance notice for affected employees as well as notification of the Labor Department, state agencies and local government officials.”

That certainly would make it more difficult for jobs to be shipped overseas. Which brings up the law of unintended consequences. Pretend you are an employer with offices in Colorado and offices in Mexico. Demand goes up for your product and you need more people to make your widgets. You want to create jobs in Colorado. Now wouldn’t you stop and think twice knowing that you would have to go through all these hoops if you need to relocate jobs later? Or worse, you may want to eliminate jobs when demand slumps, but worry about employees (union?) filing suite saying you are moving the jobs and accuse you of violating Kerry’s regulations. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t moving them. You now have to pay legal expenses to show it was job elimination not relocation.

It’s just too much legal liability. Nope, instead you will create those jobs in Mexico as insurance that you won’t have to deal with the bureaucratic nightmare later. He blames President Bush for jobs relocating. He will do even better by making sure they aren’t created here in the first place.