Is it wrong to hate the rich?

Two debutantes, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, are starring in an upcoming series The Simple Life. The premise is the two rich girls leave their life of luxury to work on a farm for five weeks. MSN’s article provides a number of quotes from the women that are none too flattering.

Here is a sample:
Paris on proper rural attire: “We don’t have, like, farm clothes. We just sort of, we just wore our own clothes, and I don’t know. It was cute.”

Nicole on higher education: “I went to University of Arizona and I stopped going there because I went there for two years. I felt like I experienced the college life, or whatever, but I know … I’m over it.”

Clearly these two women are morons – probably because of, rather than in spite of, their fortunes. A life of every want being met does not develop the self-reliance one needs to lead a meaningful life. Is it fair these two manufactured idiots will have hundreds of millions at their disposal? No it isn’t fair these two can buy $1,500.00 bags for their dogs. It also isn’t fair they don’t have the necessary tools to find happiness in their lives either. Life isn’t fair.

Yes they are spoiled little rich girls. The thing to remember is you really can’t judge your happiness by the material possessions of others. Right now my biggest want is a $3000 camera set. These two could by it and not make any adjustment in their spending while I would have to save for at least a year.

Still what I have, they can’t buy – a spouse who I love and returns my commitment to her. It may sound cliche, but I know I’m richer. These two brats do prove the adage. Money can’t buy happiness, er sum junk.