The war against boys

Yep, it’s true. Society doesn’t like boys. It’s provable too. USA Today knows it. Just look at studies in education.
Now 56% of college freshmen are women. 76% of National Honor Society members are girls.
USA Today mentions a major factor in this imbalance. Boys learn differently than girls (surprise! boys and girls are different) and curricula are now designed more for the manner is which girls learn. Result, girls are doing better at the expense of boys.

Educators don’t want to do anything about it though. USA Today pointed out, “Female education researchers…questioned whether helping boys would mean hurting girls.” In fact, when the question is raised, advocates for girls cry foul. Jacequline Woods claims that ” the implicit solution sounds disturbingly close to advocating rolling back gains for girls to address our concerns about boys.” Her statement acknowledges there is no calls to roll back gains for girls. Those who are concerned are just “close” to it. Her statements show a disturbing lack of concern for a problem that will effect all of society, even women when there are fewer qualified mates. Intelligent, responsible people know that dragging one group down does not elevate another.

My solution? Single sex classrooms. Separate boys and girls. Then each can taught in the manner in which they learn best without having to compromise to accommodate the other sex. An added advantage is neither boys or girls are distracted by trying to impress the other. It really is win/win.

Society needs to stop penalizing boys of today because others in prior years had an advantage. So what if men have quickly slipping edge in federal math and science scores?

Society has changed. Women now have a historically unprecedented choice in careers. Men won’t have that choice if we don’t educate them as boys.