Remembering why I got married.

Earlier this week my wife (henceforth: Honeybun) went to New Mexico to visit her sister and help decorate a new baby room. Her sister is expecting her first child in about 5 months.

So that leaves me at home with the dog, and two cats – one being a 3 month old kitten, the other is crotchy, overweight and short tempered. Put all three in the same room and you have minutes of entertainment. That is how long it takes the crotchy one to go hide under the bed, and the kitten to start climbing the furniture to get away from the black lab who apparently doesn’t want to do anything else but inhale her.

Honeybun will get back next Wednesday. The only bright spot is that gives me a whole Sunday of football. My survival pick this week: Tampa Bay over Carolina.

When she is gone I realize how much I love being married to her. Actually, I realize it when she is here too. It’s just that I mope about it more when she is gone.

Today I got the information package from the university I’m checking out for grad school. It really is time to create some more career opportunities.