Arafat admits he is a terrorist

George Khoury was a 20-year-old economics student at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. Last Friday he was killed after being shot in the head, neck and stomach by al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists. He had been jogging in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood.

Only one problem from al-Aqsa’s view. George Khoury was an Arab. He was not a Jew.


So Yassir Arafat called George Khoury’s father and apologized for the killing. For those of you who might think Arafat is looking for peace, please read that last sentence again. Apologizing for an action takes responsibility. Arafat admitted he is responsible for trying to kill Israelis – in this case, missing and killing an Arab.

In response to their mistake, al-Aqsa immediately blamed Israel for the death by claiming Khoury is now a “martyr.” They are killing their own people and labeling their victims heroes for their cause.