We should talk to them..

The naive left claims that we should use diplomacy and negotiate with terrorists. By killing terrorist leaders like Israel did to Ahmed Yassin, the co-founder and “spiritual leader” of Hamas, Israel is “perpetuating the cycle of violence”.

One thing I learned in the Marine Corps is that you need to kill people who want to kill you. Sounds harsh, but its true. And Hamas certainly wants to kill Israel. From Hamas’ founding charter:

“Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.”

“the so-called peaceful solutions, and the international conferences to resolve the Palestinian problem, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Resistance Movement”

How do you negotiate with people who don’t want to negotiate? Islamic terrorists (e.g. Hamas) only want to kill. There is no alternative.

“It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism, while the wolf remains of a different opinion. ” -W. R. Inge