Reading and writing…

I am still in the process of applying for grad school. It’s been a slow process, but you have to have money to go to school.

I’ve finally settled on a degree – MS in Technical Communications. Well, I’ve decided that sometime ago. Since I think I express myself clearly in writing and love technology, it seems a good fit for me.

It turns out I have a major trait that is good for developing writing skills. That is, I’m a voracious reader. Last month I interviewed fantasy novelist Mitchell Graham for a web site (I’ll put the link to the interview up when it finally gets posted) said he believes the way to learn how to write is to study other readers. Another fantasy novelist, George R.R. Martin, says the same thing.

Then today I was reading a book by Robert Bly, an expert on commercial writing, who said he loved to read as a child. He eventually became a technical writer.

OK, I like to read, (I’m currently reading 5 different books) I like technology. It just dawned on me that I actually had a job as a technical writer while for a year when I worked at Merrill Lynch in a software support position. I really should do more of that.